Pai Ney Fu restaurant

icon address  If you like a really different eating experience, the floating restaurants in the Laem Hin area have all ingredients for your future album. This is a real treat. Park near the other seafood restaurant on the shore, and get taken across in a longtail boat (they seem to do this free for restaurant customers. But give like 100 ThB tip). The restaurant is floating on boards, with holes containing live fish and other seafood in nets. We hope we remember the correct name, because previous owner had the name Black Crab Restaurant.
The neighbour island is Bang MUD, and this one is  a non-alcohol- and Halal- meat restaurant.

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All the food is great, you cannot get more fresh seafood than this, it´s like eating directe from the sea. And of course including some spicy sauces.
The final transport back, where the statement "I am twenty six years old" will go into (our) history  as a legendary sentence, although we do not really know what her true thoughts revealed. Happy moments.