Pesto Restaurant in Thalang

icon address  Pesto is a smaller reataurant that we have been to many times. Alone, with family, or with groups of visitors. Here is what someone is saying on Tripadvisor: "This place, whilst very modest and quaint at first appearance, delivers top notch Thai and Western food at VERY cheap prices. When we first walked in and saw locals, both Thai and ex-pats eating there, we knew we were onto a good thing."

icon phone  +66 82 423 0184  |  icon website 
This is how they present the restaurant: "Our menu which is inspired by authentic Mediterranean and Thai flavours creates a fusion of tradition and innovation, uniting yesterday and tomorrow. Our aim is to transform classic Mediterranean dishes through the use of bold, Asian inflected seasonings and unexpected flavor combinations to draw the basic essence and nuanced flavours of quality ingredients to the fore and allow them to truly shine."