Road Trip to Phang Nga

icon address  The roadtrip with 13 people included elephant tracking, and some amusements. Next step was the famous Monkey cave with the large Budda inside. The area is crowded with monkeys, you can buy bananas to feed them, to get the very good picture. Modelling for bananas. We can highly recommend the Monkeycave Cafe, on the road after leaveing the area. Good food, service and athmosphere.
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The endpoint of the roadtrip was the deserted and amazing beach in Phang Nga, where we have been several times before. Now we enjoyed to share this with our friends. We were so late this day, that we were able to experience the sunset as well. Enthusiastic posing pictures. Cooling bag with wine and beer were enabled to join us, but this will be individual, if others want to copy our habits.