Sarasin Bridge

icon address  The very famous Sarasin Bridge is the first bridge built that linked Phuket Island to the mainland of Phang Nga Province. Named after a Thai Chinese politician (the Sarasin family has been a wealthy clan involved in Thailand business and politics since the 19th century) this 700m bridge was built in 1967 to replace the ferry which was then the only connection to the mainland.
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We have been several times to Sarasin Bridge, And we have tried to eat on both sides of the river bank. On the Phuket side, you get a serving in a smaller scale. On the mainland side we had a larg long table, and a big meal with lots of dishes. However, where we have experienced our unforgettable meal near Sarasin, is at the floating restaurant. It's worth a separate section, look at the THAI FOOD section.