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Our best recommendations for Kuhn Au and his UPC.

We had a wild imagination that a Danish developer could be trusted, but we had a true hell for two years. Then, after a bidding round, we chose to trust Kuhn Au to complete the construction for us. This was really to start up over again. And he conjured up a staff he can be proud of. After two more years, we almost got to know everyone, because we got up to 20 images each day to document the progress. With compassion we saw the tiresome work and a fantastic effort from the persons we learned to know in the periods we stayed at a neigbour house. We appreciate everyone we have come to know and hope to invite you all to the villa in the future. We will make the best meal ever for you.

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The New Startup with UPC

First Phase Groundwork

Second Phase Construction

Third Phase Construction

Fourth Phase Construction

Fifth Phase Construction