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Thai traditional wedding

Greetings to the bride and groom
The wedding day morning in Bang Jo, the bride and groom and all guests were marching solemnly into the villa. Later on monks arrived to the villa, to visit the couple. The monks made their prayers whilst a lit candle was placed in a bowl of water. This lustral water was then used to bless the couple. A bowl of white paste then blessed the foreheads of the bride and groom.
The wedding couple and their relatives offer food to the monks before leaving the room to allow the monks to eat. Nobody else is permitted to eat until the monks have finished their meal. After their meal, the monks began their chants again, and the senior monk blessed the couple, and everybody present, with holy water. The monks then returned to the temple. And left the wedding couple and all guests to celebrate in the atmosphere they had created themselves by decorating the villa, with pictures, flowers and colors in a costume unique to this wedding weekend.