Tom Kha Gai

icon address  This is a variation of the Thai sour-soup Tom Kha Gai. Because of the exotic ingredients, this soup will remind you of your holiday whenever you make it, and everything is made in one pot in a few minutes.
The glands can be dried, lemon grass and lime add asian taste, the coconut is in the tin and the fish sauce is in the bottle. Very easy.

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Enough for 4 persons
1 -2 box of coconut milk
12 thin slices of galangal (or ginger)
2-3 lemon grass, crushed with a wide knife and cut into 3 cm pieces
6-8 lime leaves
2 small shallots, crushed with
the wide side of a knife
3 dl water (or vegetable powder / broth)
500 g chicken fillet, in thin slices
3-10 small chili
1-2 tomatoes, or 6 small cherry tomatoes, divided into 2
2-4 tablespoons rose fish sauce
1 teaspoon of sugar
the juice of 1-2 lime

2 small onions, divided into 6
2-3 spring onion, chopped
fresh coriander, finely chopped
Alternative use scampi

Start with mortar and crush the chilli. Lime leaves are folded and the stem is torn off, thrown away. Boil coconut milk, galangal, lemon grass, gingerbread and shallots and cook for 5 minutes. (If you want soup properly strong, add chili already now.) Get in powder, cook up put in chicken, chili, onion, fish sauce and sugar. Boil. Have tomato and spring onions. Boil and then take off the heat. Taste with lime juice. Sprinkle the soup and sprinkle with finely chopped coriander.